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Grande Cache is a town in westcentral Alberta, Canada, located 145 kilometres (90 mi) northwest of Hinton and 435 kilometres (270 mi) west of Edmonton. It is located in the Municipal District of Greenview, between Highway 40 and the Smoky River, at the northern border of Alberta’s Rockies. The town is the gateway to the Willmore Wilderness Park.

The New Town of Grande Cache was created by the Order in Council 1605/66 of the Alberta Government 1966-09-01. The purpose of creating a new town was to open the area for the development of coal mines. New Town status allowed the town to use the Alberta Government as a guarantor for debt.

Construction of the town began in 1969. By 1971 a hospital, schools, stores, and the first homes were built.

Grande Cache received Town status by the Order in Council 749/83 on Sept. 1, 1983.

The town suffered a boom-bust cycle due to the dependence on a single employer that depended on a single commodity: coal. In an attempt to diversify the economy additional industries were encouraged to develop in the area. This included a wood chip plant and a Corrections Canada facility. In recent years, wilderness tourism is an increasing industry.

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