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Fox Creek is a small town in Northwestern Alberta located on Highway 43. It is roughly 260 kilometres northwest of Edmonton via Highway 43, which is a recently completed four-lane divided highway, and the Highway 16 for the last stretch. It is also 200 kilometres away from Grande Prairie via Highway 43 as well. All but 35 kilometres of this stretch are now four-lane divided highway as of February 2008.

The local economy is driven heavily by the resource industry, oil and gas being the primary and forestry following. Currently major employers are the SemCAMS group, and Mostowich Lumber (Now Owned by Millar Western). SemCAMS is the current owner and operator of three major gas processing facilities as well as pipelines.

These facilities were previously owned by a mix of Chevron, BP Amoco and Petro-Canada under various percentage ownership/operation agreements, but were sold, conglomerated etc. over a long process.

The rest of employers in Fox Creek are small in comparison, and are either service industry/education related, or provide other oilfield services (Many large drilling and well service companies have branch offices in Fox Creek).

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